Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fuckley, WA

TEENAGERS! HORMONES! PUBERTY! HORSES! Condom hunter, Leianne, brings us this wonderful photo montage from Buckley, WA - a quaint hamlet of hard sweat, American industry and young, awkward love! This area of Buckley is known as the "Sandhills" or "Powerlines" by the hip, lovely youth and it remains a classic testimonial to the picturesque beauty of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. But even in the most sublime cases of untouched Americana, the sneaky zygote of seminal reality lies waiting in the grass like a horny rattle snake. Lucky for us, Leianne was there to document. Armed with her Nikon and atop her equine companion, Stormy, she brings us a series of images that truly speak for themselves.

Loneliness can make kids do crazy things. Sometimes it's too easy to assume that there's no one to talk to - so they seek to belong by offering their young, nubile bodies to any jock hero or transient with a Jim Morrison poetry book. But it's important to let our youth know that they are not alone - and here's famed Buckley resident and country music prodigy, Blaine Larsen, with a message of love for all the lonely teenagers out there.