Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Top 5 'Found Condoms' Moments in Film and Television!

In this Special Edition of FOUND CONDOMS, Vince Ynzunza presents the TOP 5 'FOUND CONDOMS' MOMENTS IN FILM AND TELEVISION! Presented in no particular order, the list below assembles a small, yet remarkable, collection of humorous, and sometimes disturbing, moments in movies and television programs where the discovery of a used condom has invoked shock, surprise, disgust, or provided a necessary plot device for the characters involved. This is in no way meant to be a comprehensive list - if you feel we have left out a necessary or obvious inclusion, feel free to comment on the post with your thoughts or recommendations! And also, I must state that ABSOLUTELY NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is intended! I present these clips for the sake of humor and also as 'FAIR USE' CRITICISM AND SOCIAL COMMENTARY! Please don't sue me. Stay safe, America!

#5: The Hangover (2009)

Directed by Todd Phillips and starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis, 'The Hangover' was a critical and commercial success (becoming the 10th highest grossing film of 2009). In the following scene, the three main characters make a surprising find in the backseat of their car! 'The Hangover' is produced by Legendary Pictures.

#4: Killer Condom (1996)

Directed by Martin Walz and starring Peter Lohmeyer, Leonard Lansink, and Udo Samel, 'Killer Condom' is a masterpiece of b-movie schlock from the masters at Troma! Set in seedy New York City, 'Killer Condom' is a movie about just what the title implies - an army of dick-eating killer condoms terrorizing the Big Apple! How could you not want to watch this? The following scene shows a young child finding a condom in a public park, much to the chagrin of his mother! I love the look on this kid's face as he brandishes his find in front of his terrified mom! This kid is awesome! Watch and enjoy!

#3: CSI:NY - SEASON 4, EPISODE 1 (2007)

I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of the CSI series, often it is a paint-by-number program that offers little in interesting or innovative story and character arcs - but I had to include this scene because it manages to do three very impressive things at once - 1. The discovery of the "spray on" condom residue moves the plot by providing a crucial clue that leads to the solving of the case at hand - 2. The scene underwrites the sexual tension that exists between these impossibly attractive crime scene investigators, forced together under murderous circumstances, with their early-30s hormones screaming into high gear set against an ambiguously chosen techno soundtrack - and 3. Through the medium of mindless entertainment, CSI: NY educates the public about an actual technological advancement in the market of prophylactics, a stunning feat indeed! And take a look at the guy's face at the end of the scene, you know he wants to spray that shit all over his throbbing cock and pee in that chick's butt right there - but he's a professional.

#2: Seinfeld - Season 7, Episode 19 "The Wig Master" (1996)

Perhaps the most notorious clip in this list, "The Wig Master" episode of 'Seinfeld' involves a hilarious sub plot where George Costanza grows suspicious about some possible "illegal" activity going on in the parking lot where he keeps his car. In this scene, George is driving Kramer to the aforementioned lot, when Kramer makes a stunning discovery, compelling George to investigate further. If you get the chance, watch this episode, it is CLASSIC 'Seinfeld' - and contains the infamous scene where Kramer becomes a "pimp"!

#1: Thankskilling (2009)

'Thankskilling' is a brilliant, low-budget send-up of b-horror movies - I won't give away too much, I'll just say that it plays on the classic horror trope involving a group of college students embarking on a trip, only to discover that they are being stalked by a psychotic supernatural killer.... A KILLER TURKEY! In the following scene, the group finds their resident "slut" murdered in her bedroom - but the killer has left behind a clue...

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