Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wal*Mart: Always Small Penises - Always

Natalie brings us this hilarious photo from a grocery aisle in a Wal*Mart in Jacksonville, AL.

It appears that there is a well-endowed condom thief roaming the beautiful Southern state of Alabama. Or is there? Anyone with a cursory understanding of psychology should be familiar with the idea of the "Freudian Slip", or parapraxis, which is a self-revealing error in speech, memory or physical action which results from a conflicting subconscious train of thought. For example, you're at the dinner table with your family and you want your Dad to pass you the bread, so you ask him to pass the bread. But when you speak your request out loud, you unexpectedly say "Dad, would you please pass the bed?". That means that you want to have sex with your Father. It's science, there's no denying it.

It's also important to stress that these "Freudian Slips" do not just occur with speech - actions can also scream volumes.

So, with this psychological axiom in mind, and viewing this picture again, one cannot ignore the glaring juxtaposition between the Magnum condom box and the mini Bagel Bites! This thief does not have a toddler's leg in his trousers - he has a toddler's penis!

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