Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vince Gets Bored and Makes Fun of People Less Fortunate Than Him!

Shane found this used condom outside of the Puget Pantry on Puget and Pine in Olympia, WA on 02/19/11.

Now, normally for these posts, I will do some cursory research about the area where the condom was found and develop a witty post or a series of clever anecdotes to go with the picture. But did you know that The Puget Pantry is really fucking boring? Seriously, it's just a convenience store. I've been there and I'm familiar with the neighborhood, and there really isn't anything worth writing about.

So I did a google map search of The Puget Pantry and took some screen shots of the 'street view' option. Let's make fun of the people that we see:

Look at this guy! I bet he's going into the Puget Pantry to buy condoms. He doesn't look like he has much sex though, consensual anyways. I bet he works at the Puget Sound Blood Center on 1220 Eastside Street Southeast just a few blocks away and some girl was just donating blood but she donated too much and she passed out and now he's in a super hurry to buy a rubber because he knows he doesn't have too much time.

And look at this guy with his fucking motorcycle talking on a fucking pay phone! Hey fucker! Have you ever heard of the 21st century? We have these things called cell phones! They're fucking great and they've basically made public pay phones quaint and irrelevant! Even Superman isn't gay enough to use them anymore - he changes in the employee bathroom of the Sprint Mobile Store! I bet this guy's gonna get off of the phone with his parole officer and hop onto his motorcycle with a Sony Cassette Walkman and a copy of the Easy Rider soundtrack. Fucking faggot!

This is the house right across the street from The Puget Pantry. I can't see any of the people who live there but I can see their couch. How can I see their couch? Because it's right there outside on their fucking porch! People who have a couch on their porch are the same people you see in the Customer Service line at Wal*Mart, returning an open package of adult diapers. They probably don't use condoms either. See that 'children crossing' sign right outside of their house? That's probably there just for all of the little bastards living inside that strutted out of Momma's stretched vagina with full WWE Superstar pyrotechnics and entrance music!

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