Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proliferating Prophylactics In the Park!

Mikey brings us this MAGNUM find from Seattle's Volunteer Park!

Volunteer Park is located in the legendary Capitol Hill neighborhood and it boasts the best natural and man-made nooks and crannies for the ultimate public sexual experience. According to Mikey, "someone moved a picnic table into the brush. I was walking our dog. There it was next to a Magnum wrapper. Large meal at that picnic."

After receiving this photo, I began thinking about the nature of public sex in relation to the Seattle area - so I asked a few of my local readers to share their public sexual experiences/anecdotes; here's what I found:

"I once saw a couple of Furries there [at Volunteer Park] pissing and shitting on each other. I couldn't see their face[s] so it was kind of anonymous." - Thadeus J. McMasterman

"It was like May or June, I think My then-boyfriend and I were taking a cool-down walk through [Volunteer] Park after a short run around the north end of Capital Hill, and cut in kind of off 15th toward the middle of the park, and were walking through the trees and stuff there and just about stepped over a guy who was lying butt-ass-naked in a patch of sunlight, masturbating. I could totally see that he expected it was a private spot, no reason to think of people coming through the trees like we did, so while I was a little embarrassed as soon as I figured it out it didn't bother me. We just walked quietly by, smiling, and he muttered something like "sorry if this bothers you"... I was impressed with his cool, to be honest.

We went on past him a way, and my boyfriend said "that was interesting" and I agreed. He asked me if it flipped me out and I said no; he asked me if it turned me on at all and I said yeah, it kind of did. At that he stopped, turned to me, and kissed me. He put his hands on my butt, then slipped one down the back of my tights. He stopped kissing me and asked me how I felt about outdoor sex and I didn't really answer, went back to kissing him, and then he took my hand and we took a few more steps back into the bushes/trees again and he peeled my tights about halfway down and was touching me, arousing me, while we kissed. I looked around a few times to make sure we weren't being really obvious and starting touching him, too. After a few minutes I was leaning against a tree with him behind me and he got inside me. We were doing it like that when we heard a voice say "well, wow" and I looked over my shoulder and it was the guy from before. He was dressed, standing there holding his blanket, watching us.

We stopped right away, I was pretty freaked out, and reached down to pull my tights back up. We just stood there, really awkward for like a minute, maybe, and he smiled and walked on by.

And then we finished what we had been doing :)

Never told anybody about that until I confessed it to my husband just a couple of years ago, and he was the one who emailed me your Craigslist ad last night, and said he thought I should answer.
" - Molly D.

"Seven months ago... I did some coke with my brother and went to go grab some whiskey. When we got to my girlfriend's house - we noticed that she had the stripper over. The stripper and I went to go "smoke a cigarette" but actually did some coke in the laundry room. We kissed and went back to the one bedroom that my girlfriend was in. We all took shots and after a little while, my girl and the stripper were making out in the bathroom. Time was running out though and the stripper - my brother and I went to go to the Drum and Bass show. I had been dirty dancing at the show and making out with the stripper until about one, when I decided to sneak back into my girlfriends apt. (the laundry room was underneath the bedroom). We snuck back into the laundry room and I put on a condom and fucked the stripper until sweat and coke were running off my lip. I could taste all the fucking blow I put up my nose and her smell. I couldn't keep my erection up after about 45 minutes and she got a ride home. I went to go sleep in my girl's bed and in the morning she gave me head before I went to work. All i could think about was whether or not she tasted the latex from the night before on my penis." - Anonymous

***And it certainly wouldn't be fair if I didn't share one of my experiences as well, so here goes!***

"It was on a Superbowl Sunday about 4 years ago, I had just sprained my ankle a few days prior and the Seahawks had just lost the game to the Steelers. I traversed the streets of Capitol Hill on my crutches and found myself at The Crescent, a groovy Gay Club on Olive St. I encountered a 19 year old girl with a fake ID and we decided to go back up to my place, which was just above the bar. At the time, I had let one of my weirdo coworkers stay with me in my studio apartment until he could find his own place but he was supposed to be out for the night - he wasn't. I stumbled into my apartment with this girl to find a passed out, snoring bald man lying in the middle of my room. Definitely a mood-killer, but I wasn't going to let this Touchdown slip out of my grasp when it was sooo close. A few minutes later, I found myself in the public hallway of my apartment, clothing strewn across the floor, nailing this anonymous girl that I had just met half an hour prior. I was a bad tenant." - Vince Ynzunza

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