Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sex and the Sharia Law!

I embarked on a school trip to NYC this past Fall to document city litter how the citizens of the Big Apple lived with it. While this blinding week of drunken excess and academic voyeurism did provide me with a wealthy cache of sanitorial insight, I knew that the trip would be a waste if I did not bring back some great photos of used condoms from the city's fabled streets. I was confident that I would have no trouble finding them either, in fact, I was counting on them finding me!

Imagine my surprise when after 7 whole days in New York City, I did not encounter a SINGLE used condom! Although, I did manage to score a great find at Ground Zero with my discovery of the Yo-Yo Lady and her Obama Condoms stand, which I posted later last year.

Despite that wonderful find though, I solemnly declared the mission a bust - NYC had failed me! Where was the New York of legend? Where was the reckless abandon, the "anything goes" attitude? Had Giuliani really cleaned up the city that much?

I was about to declare NYC dead, when a savior emerged. Unbeknownst to me, one of my fellow classmates (and also a new follower of FOUND CONDOMS) had taken a picture of a discarded condom wrapper that he had found during the trip. While normally I discourage the submission of photos showing only
condom wrappers, I felt I had to include this based solely on its eccentric nature and beautiful composition of photo. Enjoy!

Found on the island of Manhattan, the Arabic lettering on this hot yellow wrapper should come as no surprise to those familiar with the inclusive cultural melting pot that has become a hallmark of NYC. New York is a magical land where Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike can fornicate in the streets without the fear of a drag-queen-Jehovah in Nurse Ratched bondage gear descending from the clouds in a blaze of vengeful prudishness.

But, like most of the desert prophets, Muhammed has some serious hang ups about sexual intercourse, demonstrated, for example, in this news item about the Iranian Parliament voting "in favor of a bill that could lead to [the] death penalty for persons convicted of working in the production of pornographic movies."

Regardless of this unfortunate attitude, we still hope that the jadha who left this wrapper delivered a Jihadic Jizzomatic
orgasm that tore through the chastity belt of Sharia Law!

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