Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year's from 'Found Condoms'!

Hillary Lee brings us the last condom of 2010 and the first post of the new year with this rubber beauty found in the parking lot of Oxford Lake Park in Oxford, AL on New Year's Eve!

Hillary Lee is a prime example of what 'Found Condoms' looks for in a prophylactic hunter - her tenacity and commitment to the cause is part of what makes this website what it is! Here's some testimony from Hillary herself about the events that led to this picture:

"Well before christmas i went to skate in the parking lot and found the condom in the gutter by the public pool. I took a picture with my old crappy phone but had no way to get it off my phone, i couldnt even text it to my own email. Then the other day I was taking Charlie over to the little league field dugout where i like to smoke pot and it happened to still be there and i have a nicer phone..."

With a New Year comes a new opportunity, a chance to better one's place in life and to achieve success in areas that seemed insurmountable just a year prior. With a New Year, we are born again and thrust forth into a new world, like a fresh rubber being torn from its wrapper and being fit over an eager phallus of possibilities and dreams. I implore every reader of this blog to make a similar commitment that Hillary has made - let's all resolve to make 2011 the year of the Found Condom!

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